ED-6898 | Sandwichera 2 porciones

  • nombre: sandwichera 2 porciones


    referencia: ed-6898


    color: blanco


    dimensiones: 25 x 10 x 25cm



    • placa fija antiadherente
    • 2 porciones
    • con molde en patrón triangular
    • control de temperatura integrado
    • 2 luces indicadoras: “encendido" y “listo"
    • cubierta fría al tacto
    • almacenamiento de cable


    voltaje: ac110v 50/60hz


    potencia: 750 vatios


  • sandwich maker feature: - 2 slices
  • with triangle shape pattern (sandwich plate, top and bottom are same size)
  • cool-touch housing
  • fixed non-stick  coating  plate
  • integral thermostatic  control
  • 2 indicator lights: 'power' and 'ready'
  • cord storage function
  • with mica plate and pvc feet unit size: 25 x 10 x 25cm (l x t x w) material of housing:  bakelite
  • heating  element: 110v 375w (each 1 pc on the top and bottom plate)
  • fuse: qlf 235, tf240° thermostat: ksd301


  • power: 750 watts
  • cable in white color, with full copper wire: spt-2, 18awg (0.824mm²) 80cm outside length [measured not included  the plug], total length: 85cm.  with ul 2 flat pins plug.


  • color: spray red, spray dark blue, spray light blue, spray white
  • voltage: ac110v 50/60hz