ED-3359 | Arrocera 1.8l c/vaporizador

  • nombre: arrocera 1.8l, c/ vaporizador


    referencia: ed-3359


    capacidad:  1.8l (10 tazas)


    voltaje: ac110v 50/60hz



    • función de calentamiento



    • con vaporizador de aluminio
    • con tapa de vidrio
    • bote interior de aluminio con recubrimiento sin varilla
    • 2 luces indicadoras (cocinar / calentar)
    • cuchara de plástico: 1 pc
    • taza de medida (capacidad máx .: 160ml): 1 pc
    • placa de calentamiento

rice cooker

feature: drum shape rice cooker capacity: 1.8l (10 cups)

-           with aluminum steamer

-           with glass lid

-           with cook, keep warm function

-           non-stick coating aluminum inner pot (with embossed capacity inside the pot)

-           2 indicator lights (cook / warm)

-           with 3 pcs feet accessories:-

1 pc - plastic spoon

1 pc - measuring cup (max. capacity: 160ml) heating plate weight: 380g (+/- 10g)

inner pot weight: 300g (+/- 10g) inner pot thickness: 0.76mm

outer cabinet thickness: 0.5 to 0.6mm (with coating) product size: 31.0 x 27.5 x 30.5cm (l x w x h)

fuse: sf 188e 192°c 10a 250v pse jet ccc heater: 110v 700w

thermo switch: hh-46 110v 46w


color combination:-

-           white color housing with pattern 'e' (in dark grey). the knob, handle, panel and foot are in white color

-           plastic spoon - white color

-           measuring cup - white color

non-stick coated aluminum inner pot - dark grey color


-           indicator light (cook) - red color

-           indicator light (warm) - orange color power: 700 watts

cable in white color with full copper wire: (ul) 16awg x 2c, 110cm outside long [measured not included the plug]. total length: 120cm with 2 flat pins plug.

* used 'ul' approved pvc cable and plug. the cable with 'ul' marking.


color: pattern 'e' with dark grey voltage: ac110v 50/60hz

*serial no. barcode: not required